Picture Days Will Be The End of Me

Here's a follow-up to Hairy Picture Day story for you...

So I dropped Cookie Bear off at preschool today and the teacher says to me, "So you're the only one who filled out a form."

I was lost, thinking she meant a book order form. So I asked her what she was talking about.

"Today is picture day," she says with a big smile.

"Really?" I respond, thinking Mama Bear is going to kill me not only because I didn't do her hair special and I never removed the washable tattoo from her hand she asked me too. So now she will have crazy hair and a tattoo. (Boy I hope that photographer is going to hide that tattoo).

"Her hair is horrible," I tell the teacher.

"Oh don't worry about it," she says confidently. "This photographer is really good and will do her hair really nice."

Yeah, but she doesn't know my luck. I'm thinking I better just move a blanket and pillow to the couch right now.

How come I can't win with these picture days? I'm either screwing up hair, dressing the kids backwards or forgetting all together.

I have a feeling that if I end up taking the escalator down instead of up when my time on this earth is over, everyday is going to be picture day.

And this just in from the "It Just Keeps Getting Better Department": When I got to work this morning I had an email from Junior Bear's and Peanut Bear's school, tomorrow is Spring Picture Day at their school.

AWESOME! Let's see what I can mess up next.

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