An Uneventful Weekend

This weekend was pretty lackluster. Saturday we did some work on the bathroom again and no new stories there, as the kids were as “helpful” as usual, but things picked up a bit later on Sunday.

We went to a birthday party for a boy in Cookie Bear’s preschool class and it went really well. It was at a local zoo and was really a nice event.

Part of the party was the zoo staff showing off some of the animals. We saw a chinchilla and a parrot up close and then went on a mini tour, feeding goats and sheep and seeing eagles, falcons, foxes, wolves and other animals that just sat there on the cold day.

Nothing really funny happened. But I always cringe when the staff at these kind of events asks a group of 3-5 year olds, “Any questions?”

Anything can happen at that point. I’m sure we all have our funny stories that stem from that question. Here are a coupe highlights from today.

After seeing the parrot, one of the kids asked, “Why don’t carrots fly?”

And then there was Junior Bear, who I think had his hand permanently raised throughout the party. Although, I don’t think he completely understands what a question is.

When the chinchilla was out and we were asked if there were any questions he was called on a said, “Chinchillas have excellent hearing.”

Then, when on the outdoor tour after the guide told the group that a falcon was the fastest animal, able to travel at up to 180 m.p.h., Junior Bear felt a need to tell the guide how fast every other animal could go – even though he had no idea.

We saw some deer-looking thing and he said, “They could run 100 m.p.h.” to the guide. She said, “Close, 50 m.p.h.” To which he responded, “That’s what I meant.”
Repeat this story for the wolves, ponies, and the three other sleeping creatures we saw on a 30-degree day.

Well the snow is starting to fall here in the Philadelphia area, so I’m sure I’ll have some more stories from Monday as I’m sure there won’t be school.

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